Hi, this is the @TgScoutBot team (Piramis.dev, creators of @ChatKeeperBot and @PressCodeBot). We are happy to welcome you to our blog page. We’ll bring you news, articles and other useful stuff soon. Thank you for choosing us.

TgScout is a tool for working with your brand’s reputation on Telegram. Important posts and comments will always be under your control!

@TgScoutBot monitors, forwards, and even responds to comments and messages yourself. The bot monitors chats, channels, and your conversations by multiple conditions: Sender ID, chat or channel ID, profile description, keywords, message type (message, replay, media), etc.

Customize your tracking parameters and work quickly with mentions of your brand, product or competitor!

🎁 We give all new users a 14-day test period to use @TgScoutBot without restrictions.

All your questions will be answered in the bot support group – @TgScoutSupport

Team @TgScoutBot 🚀